INPUT就是「世界公視大展」,顧名思義 INPUT有輸入的意味,其中 IN取自 In ternational (國際 ) ,PU代表 Pu blic(公共 ) ,T則是指 T elevision(電視 )。世界公視組織 INPUT二十多年來巡迴於歐美各城舉行年會,吸引來自五十多個國家上千位電視節目製作人與獨立製片工作者參加。

為了顧及無法參加 INPUT年會的人士,各國會舉行迷你世界公視大展 Mini-INPUT,巡迴放映當年的優質佳片,使更多人有觀摩交流的機會。今年台灣將擴大活動規模,與紀錄片論壇結合,讓內容更豐富與紮實。歡迎各位業界朋友預留時間,齊來共襄盛舉。

( 2006年INPUT將首次來亞洲舉行,由台灣公視主辦 ,相關資訊已於 INPUT2006 網站公佈,歡迎上網查詢。 )

INPUT (INternational PUblic Television Screening Conference) is an annual weeklong television showcase where the rules of broadcasting are challenged and redefined. Now celebrating its 28th year, this event is the only international conference that focuses specifically on the innovative programs.

In recognition that a great many working TV professionals can't make it to INPUT each year, Mini-INPUTs are held in more than 30 countries to allow such people greater access. This year in Taiwan, the event will be enlarged in scale with an additional Docu Forum to enrich its content and to allow more time for professionals to better exchange viewpoints.

(Public Television Service in Taiwan will host INPUT 2006, the first time ever in Asia. Please visit our website at for further details.)